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Confetti Ribbon and Stars Bits Silicone Mold, Shiny UV Resin Mold

This mold is designed and hand-poured by margin molds. By purchasing this mold you are not only supporting my shop but also the original creator of these molds! I am so happy to offer margin molds because I have been using their molds for a long time and I love their designs so much!

Confetti Ribbon and Stars Bits Silicone Mold
Pieces from this mold come out shiny and flat.
- Mold size: 10.5cm x 9.6cm
- Mold thickness: 6mm
- Depth of pieces: 2mm

- You can use UV resin with these molds.
- Colors of mold may vary, but they are all UV resin compatible
- Molds are all handmade by margin molds. Please understand that with handmade molds there may be some minor flaws so slight imperfections are a possibility.
- Some molds are casted from 3D prints, so there may be print lines. Lines can be covered on the completed piece with another layer of resin on top.
- You can clean the molds by using tape to remove any dust before using the molds.
- Molds are meant for resin use, but with some designs, clay is also possible. It is up to the user to distinguish how to best use them for their own purposes.
- Some mold designs may have a learning curve as to how to produce a perfect finished product (ie. fewer or no bubbles). I do not give resin tips, but there are tons of tips and information online!
  • ₩21,251