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Dark Mauve Purple Loose Ultra Fine Glitter, .008" Hex, 0.2mm 1/128 Solvent Resistant Glitter

Color: Dark Mauve Purple
Size: 0.008" (1/128" / 0.2mm)
Shape: Hex Slightly translucent, matte with a little shiny sheen

- Solvent Resistant*
(*Tested in MEK chemical for 5 minutes. If using for making your own nail polish, you MUST test the glitter in your own suspension base before making a batch)

- glitters: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen
- nail slices & metal decorations: ziplock baggies
- other embellishments: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen
- pigment powders: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen

I try to take as accurate pictures of the colors of the glitter and all other items as I can. However, please note that under different lighting and on different computer screens, there might be some variation in color.

  • $58.21