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Moving Sale!

Hi everyone!
I am currently moving homes so I have to pack up all my belongings, including my home office, move, and set up in my new space! I decided to have a sale during this time for 15% off on orders over $10USD. The sale will last until I can get my workspace relatively set up again and can process orders again!
  • Orders placed during this time will be shipped on August 25th or later (unless my stock hasn't been packed yet then I'll ship ASAP). I'll try my best to get it out within 2-4 business days after the 25th. It depends on where I am in my setting up progress.

My Etsy shop will be closed during this time, if you choose to order from Etsy, once I open it means I am back to processing orders regularly and shipping within 1-3 business days!

As usual, feel free to ask for some dumb transparent banana glitters to include with your order 🍌😜

Rules & Other Information:
- Moving sale discount is automatically applied if your order qualifies
- Discounts do not stack (ie. if you have a coupon code, you cannot use both)
- Purchases made outside the duration of the sales period will not be discounted in any manner. 
- If you are Canadian, you can change the shop currency to CAD. $10USD is approximately $12.50CAD.
You should change to the currency of your payment method to avoid the foreign currency conversion fee that your payment provider may charge you.
        - Desktop: top right, left of the search bar
        - Mobile: Hamburger menu on top left corner, scroll down menu, click "Currency"

- Covid-19 related delays are still very much a thing. Please take this into considering when ordering. Please read my FAQSHIPPING INFOSHOP POLICIES for more information.

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Please allow 24 hours for a response! Thank you!