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Iridescent Peach Pink Rabbit Shape Glitter, 4mm

Color: Iridescent Peach Pink
Size: 4mm Shape: Rabbit

**it was very difficult to take pictures of this glitter! It is actually more of a bright pink and shimmers a bit pastel peach at different angles as well as in the light.
They also look different in different types of light such as natural and fluorescent lighting.

- glitters: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen
- nail slices & metal decorations: ziplock baggies
- other embellishments: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen
- pigment powders: ziplock baggies unless 5ml pot is chosen

I try to take as accurate pictures of the colors of the glitter and all other items as I can. However, please note that under different lighting and on different computer screens, there might be some variation in color.

  • $1.75 USD