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  1. 6mm Gold Sun With Face Studs
  2. 3x2mm Small Gold Starburst Studs
  3. 6x7mm Raw Brass Gold Bee
  4. Sailor Moon 3D Metal Decoration with Enamel
  5. 5x3.5mm Medium Gold Starburst Studs
  6. 5x3.5mm Medium Silver Starburst Studs
  7. 1.5mm Gold Tiny Star Studs
  8. 5mm Silver Crescent Moon Studs
  9. 6x5mm 3D Gold Shell with Pearl
  10. 5mm Gold Heart Shield with Lines
  11. Gold Galaxy Outer Space Theme Metal Decoration
  12. 12x6mm 3D Gold Rhinestone Mirror
  13. 9x5mm Antique Silver Moth
  14. 7mm 3D Gold Plane
  15. 10x8mm 3D Gold Mermaid with Star
  16. 10x8mm 3D Rock and Roll Tongue and Lip
  17. 6x5mm 3D Gold Money Bag
  18. 8x5mm Large Gold Starburst Studs
  19. 6x5mm 3D Gold Crescent Moon with Pearls
  20. 1.5mm Silver Tiny Star Studs
  21. 5mm 3D Gold Smile Face
  22. 10x5mm Raw Brass Pineapple
  23. 12x6mm 3D Gold Heart Wand
  24. Metal Chains, Choose your own style and length!