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GLITTER - Heart Shape

  1. Lipstick Red Heart Glitter, 3mm
  2. Sweet Pink Heart Shape Glitter, 3mm
  3. Charcoal Black Heart Glitter, 3mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  4. Iridescent Peach Pink Large Heart Glitter, 8mm
  5. Iridescent Hearts Glitter, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm mix, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  6. Snow White Heart Glitter, 3mm
  7. Lipstick Red Heart Glitter, 4mm
  8. Nickel Silver Heart Shape, 3mm SALE IMPERFECT
  9. Iridescent White-Blue Heart Glitter, 2.5mm
  10. Heart with Arrow Sequins, 9x4mm
  11. Snow White Heart Glitter, 2mm
  12. Lipstick Red Heart Glitter, 2mm  IMPERFECT
  13. Golden Sand Heart Glitter, 2mm
  14. Golden Sand Heart Glitter, 3mm
  15. Clear Pink Heart Sequins, 4mm