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Raw brass findings in this collection are all made in the USA. They are solderable if using them for jewelry and other crafts. Please note that all raw brass stampings may develop a patina overtime.
  1. 6x7mm Raw Brass Gold Bee
  2. 10x5mm Raw Brass Pineapple
  3. 20x4mm Raw Brass Band-Aid Bandage
  4. 12x7mm Raw Brass Wishbone
  5. 7.5mm Raw Brass Yin Yang
  6. 8mm Raw Brass Fleur de Lis
  7. 11x8mm Raw Brass Gold Strawberry
  8. 9x7mm Raw Brass Ladybug
  9. 8x7mm Raw Solid Brass Hummingbird
  10. 10x8mm Raw Brass Autumn Leaves
  11. 13x9mm Raw Brass Man in the Moon
  12. 11x3mm Raw Brass Lightning Bolt
  13. 7x5mm Raw Brass Gold Butterfly
  14. 8mm Raw Brass Gold Apple
  15. 8x7mm Raw Brass Sailboat
  16. 9mm Raw Brass Large Flower
  17. 10x9mm Raw Brass Dragonfly