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GLITTER- Tinsel Shape

  1. Iridescent Clear Pink Tinsel, 0.3x3mm
  2. Iridescent Tinsel, 0.3x3mm
  3. Teal Blue Tinsel, 0.2x1.5mm
  4. Sweet Pink Tinsel, 0.2x1.5mm
  5. Snow White Tinsel, 0.2x1.5mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  6. Disco Holographic Tinsel Bar Shape Glitter, 3mm x 1mm Multicolor Mix
  7. Indigo Blue Tinsel Bar Shape Glitter, 0.3x4.7mm
  8. Platinum Blond Gold Tinsel, 0.2x1.5mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  9. Mahogany Brown Tinsel Bar Shape, 0.3x4.7mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  10. Holographic Laser Silver Tinsel Glitter, 0.2x3mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  11. Honeydew Green Tinsel, 0.3x4.7mm
  12. Deep Indigo Blue Tinsel, 0.2x1.5mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  13. Chiffon Gold Tinsel, 0.2x3mm
  14. Charcoal Black Tinsel, 0.2x3mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  15. Caramel Bronze Tinsel, 0.3x4.7mm
  16. Candy Apple Red Tinsel, 0.2x3mm