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  1. Platinum Blond Gold Circle Glitter, 3mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  2. Army Green Loose Ultra Fine Glitter, .008" Hex, 0.2mm 1/128
  3. 7x6mm Gold Hollow Rectangles, Nail Art Slices
  4. Translucent Iridescent Pastel Rainbow Star Sequins, 3mm
  5. Army Green Diamond Shape Glitter, 3x1.5mm
  6. Holographic Wildberry Pink Diamond Shape Glitter, 3x1.5mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  7. Indigo Blue Diamond Shape Glitter, 4x2mm
  8. Chickadee Yellow Loose Glitter, .040" Hex, 1mm, 1/24 Solvent Resistant Glitter
  9. 9x8mm Gold Hollow Rose, Nail Art Slices
  10. Holographic Multicolor Puzzle Pieces, 6x5mm
  11. Snow White Star Glitter, 3mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  12. Ice Pink Star Glitter, 3mm