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3mm and 4mm stainless steel posts now on sale! Discount automatically calculated in cart :)


  1. Holographic Black Tiny Bat Glitter, 5x2mm
  2. 5mm Gold Crescent Moon with Star, Nail Art Slices
  3. Skull Sequins, 10x9mm, Choose White, Black or Both
  4. 6mm Silver Hollow Moon, Nail Art Slices
  5. 5mm Gold Stars Constellation, Nail Art Slices
  6. 5x4mm Gold Hollow Mushroom, Nail Art Slices
  7. 6mm Gold Hollow Moon, Nail Art Slices
  8. 3x4mm Gold Four Point Star, Nail Art Slices
  9. Iridescent Blue Chubby Bone Sequins, 8x6mm
  10. 7mm Gold Hollow Daisy Flower, Nail Art Slices
  11. 6mm Gold Sun With Face Studs
  12. 3x2mm Small Gold Starburst Studs
  13. White Cloud Sequins, 10x6mm
  14. 6x7mm Raw Brass Gold Bee
  15. Sailor Moon 3D Metal Decoration with Enamel
  16. UV Activated Glitter, Iridescent to Jelly Pink, .015" Hex, 0.4mm, 1/64
  17. 5x3.5mm Medium Gold Starburst Studs
  18. Black Bat Sequins, 8x3mm
  19. 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm Gold Mixed Gears, Nail Art Slices
  20. 5x3.5mm Medium Silver Starburst Studs
  21. White Ghost Sequins, 13x9mm
  22. 6x5mm Gold Spider, Nail Art Slices
  23. 5x3mm Gold Leaf, Nail Art Slices
  24. 5mm Silver Spiderweb, Nail Art Slices