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GLITTER - Other Shapes

  1. Holographic Black Tiny Bat Glitter, 5x2mm
  2. Skull Sequins, 10x9mm, Choose White, Black or Both
  3. Iridescent Blue Chubby Bone Sequins, 8x6mm
  4. White Cloud Sequins, 10x6mm
  5. Black Bat Sequins, 8x3mm
  6. White Ghost Sequins, 13x9mm
  7. Holographic Green Hemp Leaf Glitter, 6mm
  8. Maple Leaves Glitter, 5mm
  9. Iridescent Light Green Leaves Glitter, 4x2mm
  10. Holographic Silver Lightning Bolt Glitter, 2x7mm
  11. Silver Galaxy Space Mix, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  12. Holographic Gold Lightning Bolt Shape Glitter, 2x7mm
  13. Iridescent Peach Pink Ribbon Glitter, 5x4mm
  14. Holographic Silver Raindrops Glitter, 2x3mm
  15. Holographic Lime Green Stripe Cactus Glitter, 8x6mm
  16. Holographic Black Chubby Bat Glitter, 10x4mm
  17. Translucent Glossy White Tiny Bone Shape Glitter, 4x2mm
  18. Holographic Silver Snowflake Sequins, 5mm
  19. Iridescent Pink Seashell Sequins, 8mm
  20. Holographic Silver Alphabet Glitter, 5mm, IMPERFECT, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  21. Holographic Gold Smiley Face Glitter, 6mm
  22. Iridescent White-Pink Unicorn Glitter, 6mm, Solvent Resistant Glitter
  23. Glossy White Rabbit Shape Glitter, 4mm
  24. Iridescent White-Blue Shimmer Bone Shape Glitter, 8x3mm