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Newest Items

  1. 0.3mm - 3mm Iridescent Rainbow Multicolor Glass Balls
  2. Iridescent Dolphins, Pink or Blue 7x5mm
  3. 9x5mm Antique Silver Moth
  4. 9x5mm Gold Moth
  5. VANILLA PEARL WHITE Semi-Transparent Microbeads
  6. 0.6-0.8mm PERIWINKLE BLUE Transparent Microbeads
  7. 0.6-0.8mm ANTIQUE SILVER Semi-Transparent Microbeads
  8. 0.6-0.8mm SOFT MAUVE PEARL PURPLE Semi-Transparent Microbeads
  9. 0.6-0.8mm IRIDESCENT JUNGLE GREEN Clear AB Microbeads
  10. Angel Blue Loose Glitter, .060" Hex, 1.5mm, 1/16
  11. Holographic Burnt Orange Jack O Lantern Shape, 8mm pumpkin IMPERFECT
  12. Pearlescent Translucent White Loose Glitter, .080" Hex, 2mm, 1/12
  13. Pearlescent Translucent White Loose Glitter, .040" Hex, 1mm, 1/24
  14. 3mm to 6mm Gold Mixed Metal Ocean Life, Nail Art Slices
  15. 3mm to 8mm Gold Mixed Metal Music Symbols, Nail Art Slices
  17. Holographic Light Bronze Sun Shape, 6mm IMPERFECT
  18. Iridescent Wisteria Blue-Purple Small Shards
  19. Mystique Aqua-Violet Small Shards
  20. Malachite Green Small Shards
  21. 6x5mm Silver Sparrow Bird
  22. 6x5mm Gold Sparrow Bird IMPERFECT
  24. Baby Mint Green